Every one of us has a story of how this work has made a difference:

 Eliza: I have built a small house with the income that Ive gained - and sent my eldest to back to school.  When I first started several years ago I didn't know that it was possible to have dignity again - I have HIV from my late husband and my family shunned me.  I lost everything I had including most of my hope.  I now wake up and work with hope for the future .. Im living positively!

Shana: I used to wake up and not go anywhere I was filled with shame and loneliness.  War in my home country means my children and I now live apart and that is painful. When I started working for 'Amayi' I began a journey back to being a person again.. back to being part of a community and my deep depression has lifted.  

Dorothy: When I first started learning I thought it would be impossible for me to achieve anything. My hands were shaking and I suffered from tremors.. as a result of the traumas I have been through.  I received continual encouragement to persevere and Im grateful for that because now I fully participate and can make every design!