Beth, 48 : After my husbands premature death, I discovered I too was HIV positive.  My life was shattered and I was in ruin for years.  Joining 'Amayi' began to give me hope and confidence again.. I began to make plans, I sent my eldest son back to school and financed his education.  I built my own small home.  My life is busy and I have a reason to get up each day and make things happen!

Janet, 35 : I am a refugee, I fled from my country.  I live in the camp and its a tough unwelcoming place.  I never went out from my small home.. I couldn't face the world.  Since I joined 'Amayi' I found that I could emerge again. I started connecting with people and now I feel part of a community and feel good about myself.

Rosa, 50 :  I was suffering from post traumatic disorder. When I started being trained in crochet I was deeply depressed and couldn't hold anything in my hands as they were would shake.  I was continually encouraged to try by others in the group.  Now, months later, I can make every design!   Im so grateful for this project and this opportunity. Im glad for the money I can earn too.

Lenda, 26: I am a refugee from Congo.  My story is painful like many others here.  I sold my body so that my young son could have decent food.  Since I started with Amayi all this has stopped.  I was reclusive and aggressive.. now I am surged with confidence and have begun doing things I never thought I could.  My life is not perfect but I have a new contentment.

Every one of our eighty women have a testimony.

Most have had a consistent income from Amayi for over four years.

Malawi is the poorest country in the world.

Malawian women are often left to struggle alone and they are not often empowered.

Refugees coming to Malawi are not given permission to work outside the camp. We bring work to them.